Trapped in Lockdown

We are sitting here in the “Far South” at our boat with 5 weeks quarantine. Thank Goodness things are managed here quite strictly. We can go to the next super market, Pharmacia and with a confirmation on the cellphone to a doctor. That’s it! No outside dog walking, no sports outside the marina area, no public gatherings, no alcohol to buy. Work allowed only in essential sectors like food provision, security or medical personnel.

Money in families gets scarce or is spent, in small informal settlements kids are nearly starving. We provide twice a week sandwiches to help a little bit. Nearly all homeless people have been collected and brought to big tents with up to 500 people each.

What a catastrophe!!!

Man, Female, Kids, Pregnants, Drug Addicts all close to each other.
Not enough to eat, violence, rapes, thefts and insufficient medical care.
We are close to winter and they have to sleep with a thin blanket on an ice-cold ground.

The reaction of our government to impose a total lockdown is unquestioningly great and provides South Africa with precious time for preparation. But nobody knows how the situation especially in the townships will evolve and many fear of coming horror news.

Richard stays as much as possible on board. He is a risk person due to his asthma. I’m several times a day with our dog Lucky at the marina lawn, playing or doing our agility repetitions and Lucky can swim in the sea.












Once a week I go for shopping but otherwise I try to get in contact with as less people as possible and keep the recommended “social distance”.

Since start of the year we had only trouble. The club commodore and committee try to get rid of all “Live-Aboards”. Despite a valid verbal contract at our membership interview in 2013, to stay without any time restrictions, we have been graciously granted another 3 years until we have to leave or abandon our floating home. First we did fight, but the complete poisoned atmosphere here with the commodore and some of his drunkards is all but enjoyable or encouraging.

21st of April we are here for happy 7 years. We built us up a new life and a new social network which we don’t want to miss anymore. So after 3 month with discussions, tears and despair we did a decision:
We don’t get younger. Maybe all had to be this way to give us a wakeup call in time to think about our remaining years ahead of us. We agreed that we won’t do any long distance sailings any more, at least not without a third person who we 100% trust, like our boys or as it has been with Steven. But our boys don’t have the time to join us on such travels and Steven watches us now from a higher and peaceful sphere.

We decided to sell our big boat – our so loved home – and have a look for a new property.

It has been one of our hardest decisions we ever made. It will take probably a long time until our just completely maintained and overhauled old lady will have a new owner. But present times with all this worldwide problems aren’t a favorable market for selling a boat. We then still have our small boat for sailing which is even equipped for long cruise sailing and ocean crossings.

We already have cast an eye to a suitable object. But the Corona virus stopped time statically and we have to wait and see.

We are praying that we, you, our families and all our friends stay safe and sound and that we can start after this crisis in a new life adventure on solid ground.


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