Short Break (Matroosberg November 2018)

If live is nice and easy and no thoughts about something evil it might happen that out of the blue you have to realize how quickly this can change.

About a week after the boat christening we visited as usual the monthly folk music concert at Clovelly / Fish Hoek. In the course of the evening Richard got increasing breathing problems and both sprays seemed to help only a little or not at all.

When we opened the outer entrance door after the end to leave the Country Club the cold and moist air hit Richard like a hammer and the complete bronchial- and lung system blocked. We hardly manage to come to our boat where the asthma attack even worsens and Richard is about to suffocate. I call the emergency ambulance which arrives last second with 3 persons. They manage to stabalize Richard with adrenalin shots and oxygen mask so he can stay on board and visit next morning our house doctor to adjust his medication.

It was quite close and I have already seen me alone in South Africa with 2 boats, a car and a dog.

After this both of us have been drained and done. Richard was still weak and I under shock for quite a while.

Thereafter we decided to break out from routine and have for a week a change of scene.

The car was packed and a place at a private camping resort in Matroosberg booked.

We wanted to test our complete camping gear, from new rooftop tent, sun awning, drawing system for our fridge to dome tent with connectable gazebo.

Even Lucky was in on it and could make his first endeavours with live in open nature, camp fire and unknown sounds of animals out of the woods in the night.

We got permission to camp completely alone at a big space under huge pine trees. A 5,000 litre water drum has been inside nicely transformed to a small bathroom with shower, basin and toilet and outside a connected kitchen basin. It was really comfortable.

We enjoyed our short break far from hectic and excitements. Sleeping, reading, baking bread at open fire.

Playing with Lucky, shorts walks, visiting a neighbouring cherry farm and of course a 4×4 trip to the ridge of Matroosberg have been on our list.

During nights temperatures dropped down to 3 degrees and it got considerably chilly. During daytime the sun warmed up temperatures to pleasant 20 degrees. Normal weather conditions for a mountain region with the highest peak in Western Cape where you can go for skiing in winter.

Our car excursion to the peak could take place at dry weather conditions. The difficulty level especially at the first part with heavy inclines and path conditions with deep grooves and steps shouldn’t be underestimated. With wet underground, not to speak from snow or ice not to recommend but even life-endangering.

At the ridge a stunning panorama appeared with gorges dropping vertically 1000 meters.

Lucky had to stay at the lead to prevent accidents. Wonderful mountain flowers and complete serenity have been the wages of some fearful moments.

Driver and car brought Lucky and me safely back to our camping site. Arriving there a scout who should teach close up surviving strategies in open nature to a group of youngsters asked us about our trip. We have been watched by the complete group during our “ascent”  with the car and nobody thought we would be able to negotiate the challenge.

After one week of alternative but nevertheless conveniant “tent residence”  and a Happy 42th Marriage Anniversary we drove back to our day-to-day life in Simon’s Town, laden with several containers of fresh cherries.


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