Crazy Germans

Crazy Germans

Hearing nothing from us for a longer time doesn’t mean at all nothing is happening here by us in South Africa.

So much was going on that I found no time not even thinking about creating a new blog.

One essential point for our living here in South Africa is that we meanwhile succeeded in importing our boat officially. Import tax is payed and we are free now from the invisible Damocles’ sword of the unpredictable customs hanging above our heads. It is an ineffable relieve. Our boat and home is now save and no danger to have to leave South African waters in a cloak-and-dagger operation.

We are now official boats owner of a German registered sailing yacht but imported to South Africa. From now on we could start to realize one of my thought of ideas:

We started to look for a small sailing yacht with which we can start again with sailing. Our boat is too big and heavy to put into or clear South African habours. And it would take ages to change our Camaheto from a cozy home into a ready-to-sail vessel. All plants, diesel cans, etc. would needed to be fixed, glases secured, PC and loose parts packed and, and, and …

For having fun with sailing for an hour or two this is nothing you can really do.

So we started with a first step and bought the berth directly next to Camaheto and searched thereafter to find a suitable sailing boat.

And already short time later we decided for a South African boat brand “Miura” from 1981 with a length of 30.5 foot.

She is now berthed next to our house boat and is now on the last lap of a complete makeover.

Starting from the hull with an osmosis treatment to new spray painting, new boom, new main sail, new solid railing and a complete refurbishment of the interior part.

Nearly all has been ripped out and new designed and built, so new electric wiring, new shaft, new water tank, new calorifier, oven, sink, fridge, beds, …

Only the name remained: MARIAH is our new boat’s name.

From this moment on Richard had a new permanent job with coordinating all necessary works and slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Shortly we will be sailing again, something which we miss both. We also want to start taking part in club races and then sailing step by step the South African coast.

At one go we have with MARIAH a small accommodation for family and friends who intend to visit us with beds, a tiny bath room and a small galley with a magnificent view in one of the prettiest corners of this land, with seals direct at the jetty, refreshing winds and ocean view.

And again we are boats owners: owner of a South African registered and insured sailing yacht. Crazy Germans!

Our both berths with both boats directly next to each other is named:


(Present from Hans, our boats carpenter)

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